St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

From September 2021 Wraparound by Boom Sports will launch at St John Fisher Catholic Primary School. Children from Perivale Primary School can also attend.

This will include a breakfast club and after school care, as well as an action packed program of after school clubs.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will run from 8:00am until the start of the school day. We aim to give your child an active start to the day through fun sports themed games. Also providing them with a healthy snack before the bell rings.

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After School Care

After school care will run from the end of the school day until 6:00pm. Our after school childcare scheme is built around an active learning environment, giving each child a platform to enhance their skill set. We will also provide each child with a healthy snack.

Take a look at an example week timetable below.

Sample weekly timetable
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After School Clubs

After school clubs will run from the end of the school day until 4:15pm. Children can then be collected from the school office, or join the after school care for an additional fee.

There is no sibling discount for after school clubs.

If you are interested in any other sports/clubs that are not in our timetable, please let us know and we will look to arrange in the future.

Term 1 club timetable
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Bookings can also be made via Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare.

When booking onto any of the above you will be accepting our Terms & Conditions.

For more information contact us at [email protected] or 020-8226-5450