Why a Boom Sports Summer Camp?

Summer is almost here. Schools are out for 6 weeks… what do you have planned for your children?

Boom Sports Summer Camps run for the full 6 weeks of the school Summer holidays. 

But why choose a Boom Sports Summer Camp this year?

Our sports themed summer camp provides children with lifelong positive benefits.They are an opportunity for children to grow and develop key skills that they otherwise would not. They are places where children can explore their identity, be active, challenged and make new friendships.

Here are the main reasons why you should send your children to a Boom Sports Summer camp this year:

Positive Well Being!

Boom Sports summer camps are filled with fun engaging sports and activities. Physical activity has been shown to boost mood, happiness, confidence, self esteem and more. This makes children healthier not only physically but mentally. 


Sun shining, smiles on faces, fresh air, and playing games with new friends. These are memories children will look back on and cherish. Enjoyment is paramount at our camps, we want children to have fun and want to be there. Through many years of experience and planning we feel we have cracked the correct balance at our camps to have all children enjoying their time with us. 

Social Skills!

Summer camps are an opportunity for children to develop key social skills within structured and unstructured environments. Developing leadership, communication skills, team work, independence, and more. These experiences will begin to forge a child’s personality, which will grow and develop during their childhood. Placing them in environments such as a Boom Sports summer camp, will only help foster a broader development.

Fundamental movement skills!

All of our staff are trained sports coaches, this means we aim to have a learning element within all the activities. Guiding children to correctly learn techniques and build their fundamental movement skills. This builds the base for the future, which will help them be active for life. 

The positive benefits physically, mentally and socially are huge. The building blocks for future life are forged from a young age, so by placing children in environments such as a Summer camp will only benefit them long term. 

To conclude our Boom Sports Summer Camp is a must this summer!

Book your child’s Summer Camp space now! Contact Boom Sports for more information.