Boost your primary school sports day with Boom Sports! Our tailored activities are designed to match your school’s unique preferences and needs, ensuring a fun and engaging event for all students. With Boom Sports, you’ll have a memorable sports day without the hassle. See a few of our options below.


Athletics track and field themed day, including all the traditional races and competitions. Followed by a prize presentation for all children.

Fun Day

A day packed with fun, exciting and inclusive activities designed for your students. Games will be rotated to give children the chance to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities with elements of competition throughout.

Sports Week

A whole week of sports, with children given the opportunity to try new and engaging activities across the week. These include martial arts, dance, golf, along with popular sports such as tennis and dodgeball.

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Getting children active and excited for sports is our goal.

By giving children opportunities to experience new sports and learn new skills, we build the foundations for future sports participation. Like with our other school based services, sports events are an excellent to tool to do this.

Why Choose Boom Sports?


Going the extra mile

Experienced staff

Our team of passionate and knowledgeable coaches understand every child is different. Therefore, our staff adapt themselves to the children they are working with. Giving every child a chance to enjoy the day.


Jam packed days of activities

Fun for everyone

Our sports events will include activities for everyone to enjoy. Even those who are not keen on sports. Our Boom Sports coaches will make your day engaging and fun for all.


The safety of everyone is paramount

Keeping children safe

All our staff are DBS checked and first aid trained. Giving you the assurance your children will be safe. Moreover, we always arrive early to make sure that the day will be set up and delivered within a safe and structured environment. Making the day smooth for everyone involved.


A special memento

Prize Presentation

At the end of your sports day or week our Boom Sports coaches will lead a prize giving ceremony. This can include a goody bag and medals for all those who have participated.

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