Motivating Children in Sports

Motivation is the desire to commit to a goal, and put full effort into achieving it. It is essential within sports, both at the amateur and professional level.

Motivation is a predominant factor behind the decisions children make. Therefore the ability to better motivate the children we coach will keep them enthusiastic and committed to sports.

Keeping children within sports is vitally important for their long term physical and mental health.

A child’s motivation can be influenced by numerous factors. Below we touch on the key areas we need to focus on.

Get to know the children we coach

Every child is an individual and will be motivated differently. Building a rapport with the children, allows for a better understanding of what motivates them. Adapting the coaching techniques, used for different children, is essential to keep all motivated.

Don’t compare children

Every child is at a different stage of development. Highlighting one’s flaws against another child is not fair and hugely demotivating. When assessing a child’s sporting and physical abilities, this needs to be done on an individual basis.

Provide constructive feedback

Children are like sponges. Being overly positive or negative without ways to improve isn’t beneficial for anyone. Giving children direct feedback to help them get better is important for motivation. When communicated correctly children will see the improvement in their sporting skills within the sessions coached. This will motivate them more to want to continue to learn and improve.

Make sessions fun

Children participate in sports for fun. Keeping this in mind when planning and delivering sessions is key. Without enjoyment, motivation will fade.

We at Boom Sports focus on building positive fun environments for children, allowing them to flourish in our care. Throughout the year we deliver sessions in schools, holiday camps, and in the community.

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