Encourage children to put down electronics!

Many children across the world would now prefer to sit in front of a TV, laptop or tablet then to go outside. This is becoming a perilous situation; children are simply not active and socialising enough. It is our duty to attempt to change this pattern.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 80 per cent of children are not sufficiently active. As a result, both their physical and mental wellbeing are suffering. This coincides with figures that indicate one-third of children are overweight. Which will impact health long term. There is simply only one solution to this and that is to get children more active.

How do we get children more active?

First and foremost being a good role model is vital. If a child sees their parents being active and enjoying sports, this will encourage them to do so as well.

Being active is not necessarily always structured sports. Active games or outings are also a great tool to instil that active lifestyle. Not all children like the competitive nature of structured sport, and this can deter them from being active. Therefore, selecting activities which they feel comfortable with is paramount.

Also, enjoyment is a key factor for being active. Allow children to try many different sports and activities until they find ones they enjoy. This will provide them with the intrinsic motivation to want to participate.

Routine is important for long term compliance. Once a habit is instilled of being active, this will stay with a child for life. Building these habits through structured physical activity times to begin with are important.

Ultimately it is down to the child to want to be active. However, we can facilitate their desire to do so through the above. Let’s stop making excuses, and begin making a positive change to our children’s lives now for the future.

Boom Sports can help to encourage an active lifestyle through our active holiday camps and parties. This is a great opportunity for children to try out many different sports, in a relaxed and fun environment. Contact us to find out more information.