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Motivating Children in Sports

Motivating Children in Sports Motivation is the desire to commit to a goal, and put full effort into achieving it. It is essential within sports, both at the amateur and professional level. Motivation is a predominant factor behind the decisions children make. Therefore the ability to better motivate the children we coach will


Early Specialization vs Multi-Sports

Early Specialization vs Multi-Sports The purpose of our latest blog post is to discuss the benefits a multi-sports approach has over early specialization in one sport for children. Furthermore, the impact early years sports specialization has on injuries, motor development, skill acquisition, psycho-social aspects. Early Specialization “Is the intense all year-round training in


The Benefits of Sports Participation on Academic Performance

The Benefits of Sports Participation on Academic Performance Sports participation plays an important role on all children’s physical development, including academic performance. The NHS guidelines state: "To maintain a basic level of health, children and young people aged 5 to 18 need to do at least 60 minutes of [moderate to vigorous] physical activity


Why Children Drop Out of Sports

Children Dropping Out of Sports: 5 Factors You Need to Know The child obesity epidemic is rife across the globe. Inactivity is the main reason behind this epidemic. There is a huge drop out in sports after the age of 12 in both boys and girls. By tackling this ‘drop out’ problem we can


The Benefits of Sports Participation in Childhood

Sports participation provides children with physical, mental and social benefits. These sports participation benefits will help them remain active and successful at adulthood. We have put together a list of sports participation benefits that any parent should consider when deciding what activities their child should participate in. Healthy Lifestyle In 2016/2017 twenty percent of

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